England expends

It’ll take some scoop to depose MP expenses claims as king of the data-driven-story-of-the-year hill.

With that, how could we not join in? We’ve built you a website to make it easy to browse and compare MPs’ second-home claims.

As ever, we’re all about trends. The Guardian’s been collecting data on all the expenses claims, so that’s what we’ve been working with. The second-home allowance has been at the heart of the controversy, and their data includes figures for the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 parliaments for 89 different MPs in the Guardian’s dataset. Our expenses site’s powered by Timetric, so you can see all of the raw data there too — and share it with your political colleagues (or, for that matter, foes…)

Derek Wyatt has a majority of 79; his constituency’s Sittingbourne and Sheppey. He’s made the maximum claim every year — a total of around £80,000.

Sittingbourne and Sheppey is just over an hour from Westminster.

There’s been some really nice work done on this: if you’ve got a passing interest in either politics or visualization, and if you’re reading this then I reckon that’s a safe bet, then have a look at Mark Reckons, Tony Hirst, Matt Riggott and the developers at Shoothill, to pick four, have been doing.

Still, there’s a lot more to find here. Let us know what you unearth!.

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Andrew is a cofounder of Timetric.
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